“The joey Zone is finally up online-get a load of him and his art.”—Ellen Datlow

“Dangerous and skillful…both genre and mainstream art. At once.”—John Shirley

“Poised on the cutting edge of punk and Symbolist art”—Liz Hand

“Through his dark inky veins pumps the same vitality as Beardsley, Rackham and Clarke.”–Selena Chambers

“The Dark Prince of Ink!”—Paul DiFilippo

From the Artist

I have reviewed the work of other artists and writers in a column called The joey Zone, initially in the Ziesing Bros. Book Newsletter. In that time I have also served as an independent co-curator of the Ars Necronomica Biannual Exhibition, which runs in conjunction with NecronomiCon Providence.

Where you’re at now however is a website comprised of my artwork. Images and additional material will be added after this initial posting as its purpose in relation to me is to evolve.

This is what I have done. This is what I will continue to do.--TjZ


to all the writers, editors, publishers & divers hands that have shown faith in originally using some of my art on this website, including: Michael G. Adkisson; Brian Aldiss; Stephen P. Brown; Richard Chalifour; Pierre Comtois; Philip K. Dick; Mike Gunderloy; Niels-Viggo Hobbs; Dorian James; S. T. Joshi; Hal Kinney; Kevin Kraynick; K. A. Laity; B. Diane Martin; David Memmott; Marc A. Michaud; Michael Moorcock; Misha Nogha; Wilum H. Pugmire; Dave Shaw; Brian Stableford; Ian Watson; Don Webb; and, last but not least, Mark Ziesing, who gave me a home in his & his brother Mike's bookstore and my nom de plume...